Recipe: Edamame Bruschetta with Pecorino

This tasty vegetarian starter is not only incredibly easy and fast but healthful.

I love fresh  fava beans but hate the daunting task of preparing them.  Removing the beans from the pods, then blanching the beans, then removing the tough outer skin — it takes forever.  A delicious treatment of favas is in a pureed form, spread on toasts as an appetizer and this recipe captures most of the eye and taste appeal without the fava prep ordeal.  Edamame — blanched soybeans sold in or out of the pod — are a healthful substitute with a very similar taste and look.  Since I dump the ingredients together without measuring, take the quantities below as a rough guess and adjust to taste. The pecorino is a nice addition — its salty, sheep-y flavors are great with the lemony spread — but it’s optional.


Container of shelled edamame (likely in the range of 9 ounces or so) – make sure they’re fresh and consistently bright green in color

1-2 small garlic cloves

zest of Meyer lemon (use regular lemon if Meyers aren’t available)

juice from 1 Meyer lemon

approx. 5 T extra virgin olive oil

approximately 1/2 c finely grated Parmesan cheese (good quality, from Italy)

salt & pepper to taste

small sourdough baguette (Acme is a good brand) sliced and the pieces toasted lightly

Pecorino Romano cheese


Put all the ingredients except for the baguette slices and pecorino in a blender and blend until mixed but not totally smooth.  Adjust the amount of lemon juice, salt, parmesan and olive oil to suit your taste.

Spread on the toasts.  With a cheese slicer, shave slices of pecorino and place a small piece upright on each toast.

One response to “Recipe: Edamame Bruschetta with Pecorino

  1. Wow! what an enjoyable starter.

    This leves you wanting more. The flavors are clean, crisp and light.

    The color is great too.

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