My name is Susan Hathaway and unlike me (fortunately), this blog is a bit schizophrenic.  One focus area: My favorite ingredients from local farmers markets on the San Francisco Peninsula and (sometimes) the farmers who grow them. “How should I cook/prepare this?” is a common refrain I hear constantly at farmers markets (while the poor farmers are just trying to help their next customer) so I’ve got some answers here.

I’m a long-time food & wine journalist who has contributed to regional publications such as the San Jose Mercury and its affiliated newspapers, Metro, San Francisco Chronicle, South Bay Accent and various other printed epistles that are lucky enough not to have been killed off yet by the publishing crisis. I’ve posted some of my food pieces here.

As part of my food writing thing, I’m also a restaurant critic, so I’ve put some recent reviews here.  And I like to mouth off occasionally, of course.  Isn’t that what blogs are for?  Anyway, this is a hodge podge of foodie stuff.  If life were perfect, this blog would deliver some useful (and ultimately delicious) info while getting a dialogue going with those of like mind.  Or not.

For more info on the recipes on this blog and my cooking philosophy, plus a great illustration by artist Delana Bettoli, see “About the recipes found here.”

My journalism work is my passion. I also expend considerable fervor on more lucrative endeavors, as a writer and all-around marketing communications consultant (mainly technology) in my business, RedPen Associates.


One response to “About

  1. Foodie conspiracy–inspired oui.—schizophrenia leads to controled chaos—that is in the kitchen—how fun. great work—count on me to help,complain, and be part of this fabulous idea.—good going Susan—-R.

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