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Fresh Pasta Guide – Peninsula and South Bay

rav closeupWhere can you find the yummiest fresh pasta locally to cook at home?

In the running for most addictive carb has to be pasta, whether formed in toothy noodle strands or in fat ravioli pillows.  Although it’s abundantly available in markets everywhere — typically dried or mass produced — pasta purists often seek out the fresh, local variety.   Some better groceries and farmers markets are now fresh pasta destinations but our guide identifies local producers on the Peninsula and South Bay where purveyors are offering the tastiest pasta around. Read about in KQED’s Bay Area Bites here.


(Recipe) Simple Pasta Dish Featuring Healthy Kale

orchiette with kale and baconThis is a quick pasta dish that addresses the need to consume healthy greens — kale is often listed at the top — while not sacrificing taste. Slender-leaved black kale (cavalo nero) is great in this dish, but any kind of kale, green or red, or other hearty green will also be good. The dish can be made even tastier and prettier with the addition of tomatoes (sun-dried or cherry tomatoes) and other compatible ingredients. Make sure to add lots of grated parmesan, since there’s no “sauce” in this dish. Of the myriad kinds of pasta available, orechiette (“little ears”) is one of my favorites for its toothy texture and the way it holds ingredients. Continue reading

(Recipe) Switch Duck Breast for Chicken in Pasta Recipes

It’s no contest when it comes to the deliciousness of duck vs. chicken.

One of my go-to pasta dishes is chicken breast with mushrooms and tomatoes on a toothy pasta.  Sometimes, I swap chicken demi-glace for a tomato-based sauce, to produce a dish that’s more refined and quite tasty.   Yet it never occurred to me until recently to use duck breast instead of ubiquitous chicken breast — a switch that turns this and any chicken-based pasta sauce into something extraordinary. Continue reading