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Utterly Delicous Albacore Tuna Crudo Recipe

“Crudo” is essentially an Italian way to present pristine raw fish — think sashimi but more interesting and varied — and this recipe is a winner.

Albacore Crudo with Strawberries and Nuoc Cham

This is a simple, absolutely wonderful recipe if you have super-fresh fish and want a quick way to prepare it.  Besides being utterly delicious, it’s pretty and lends itself well to adaptations.  For the uninitiated, “crudo” is the same concept as sashimi except the preparation is as varied as the cook’s imagination. While nominally an Italian dish, it’s prepared in all kinds of ways by fancy chefs and home cooks. In my dish, the richness of the fish is underscored by the light, slightly citrusy sauce with its Asian flavors, which I pump up a bit with the barest drizzle of lime oil.  The sweet/tart pop of strawberries goes quite well with this. Even if using strawberries with fish sounds weird to you, try it anyway and you won’t be sorry. Or use pomegranate seeds. Continue reading


Wonderful Local Store: Nak’s Market

offering Dutch cookiesFriendly proprietor Ken Kurose of Nak’s Oriental Market used to freely and frequently offers samples, deals and smiles to customers of his tiny Menlo Park store. Alas, this wonderful spot closed a few months after my article appeared.

Sure, many people shop at indifferent, overlit discount grocery stores to save a few bucks but you can still find special items and exceptional, personalized service if you know where to look. My favorite is eclectic, beloved, miniscule Nak’s Oriental Market, which has been offering everything from pristine hamachi belly and the best nuoc mam to Dutch cookies for 46 years. Read all about it on KQED’s Bay Area Bites blog here.

Recipe: Hamachi Crudo with Nuoc Cham and Pomegranate Seeds

This subtly delicious crudo recipe is as delectable as it is easy to make

Last New Year’s Eve, we dined at Tamarine in Palo Alto, which is just a few blocks from our house.  Currently the city’s best restaurant, nouvelle Vietnamese Tamarine is just plain wonderful, as was our meal to usher in the ‘aughts.  But most wonderful was the divine crudo starter, which combined lightness, flavor and subtlety with plate appeal in spades.   It was just so good that I vowed to develop a recipe so I could make it at home.  This turned out to be a relatively easy task. The proportions below of sauce to fish aren’t perfect but it doesn’t matter because the sauce can be used with other dishes — say, with light spring rolls.  I didn’t include quantities of fish; buy the amount needed for the number of eaters and their degree of enthusiasm for crudo. Continue reading