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Asa- Hot Newcomer in Los Altos

Restaurant Asa combines irresistible American-Spanish-Italian cuisine and friendly service in downtown Los Altos. Sidewalk seating is another plus.

(Published by South Bay Accent magazine in December, 2018.)

Sleepy Los Altos with its affluent citizenry and cute-as-a-button downtown has long beckoned restaurateurs but the surprising failure rate over the years seems out of line considering the potential.  Fortunately for South Bay diners, this didn’t deter Andrew Welch, whose modern reinvention of his venerable The Basin in nearby Saratoga has been triumphant on tree-studded State Street. Opened in 2017, Asa, named for his baby son, is perennially packed, firmly occupying the happy role of the hottest restaurant in Los Altos. Continue reading


Zitune Serves the Moroccan Food of Your Dreams

Replacing Jocco’s a couple of years back, Zitune serves some of the most exciting food on the Peninsula.

(This review appeared in South Bay Accent in March, 2010. Regretfully, Zitune closed in 2011. Here’s hoping the talented chef lands somewhere else soon.)

Moroccan cuisine is like dancing. As practiced by your uncoordinated cousin Wally, it’s entirely forgettable but when someone like Mikhail Baryshnikov leaps across the stage, it’s transporting.  Most domestic Moroccan restaurants follow a theme of somewhat gloppy food eaten in semi-darkness with the fingers while belly dancers shimmy past periodically.  And then there’s Zitune.

Frequently called the best restaurant in Los Altos by local foodies, Zitune marries the lusty, spice-driven flavors of Moroccan cuisine with the fresh, modern fare served in fine-dining establishments.  Dancers, low cushions or keening music would be as odd in this sophisticated restaurant as paper hats on the servers.  Chef Chafik Larobi — who owns Zitune with his wife Kim Auerbach — uses his considerable cooking skills to reinterpret and elevate his native cuisine into something creative, modern and utterly delicious. Continue reading