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Santorini in Downtown Palo Alto

With its cheerful antique blue door and outdoor tables, new Taverna is a Greek hot spot in Palo Alto.

(Published by South Bay Accent magazine on October, 2018.)

If only the city fathers would allow tables to be set up all the way down Palo Alto’s Emerson Street, newcomer Taverna would easily fill them all.  Visiting this boisterous munchkin of a restaurant downtown is like taking a quick trip to the Greek islands due to the blue-and-white decor, wooden chairs and festive atmosphere, which has turned Taverna into the “it” dining spot of the moment.  Its piddling size means that the limited seating inside and at outdoor tables that hug the white walls of its corner location are hard to nab without planning ahead. Continue reading


Sui Generis Bird Dog Uplevels Peninsula Dining

Bird Dog 6Gorgeous, delectable, snazzy food made Bird Dog a hit since opening in November.

(Published in June 2016 by South Bay Accent magazine)

Like the fungi that sprout after a rain, the South Bay’s thriving economy has procreated a swath of new restaurants in the last few years. One of the most sizzling, hands down, is Bird Dog in downtown Palo Alto, which has taken aim well above the heads of the average local dining spot. Indeed, chef/co-owner Robbie Wilson has said his goal is to elevate the level of dining sophistication in the burbs. While local restaurant owners might take issue with this concept, what’s undeniable is that Bird Dog has been lobbing home runs since it opened in November.  Good luck getting a table without planning well ahead. Continue reading

Kitchen Wizardry at Baumé

Dining at Baumé is a tasty, unusual adventure with just enough kitchen pyrotechnics to elevate it well above other restaurants.
Baume on Urbanspoon

This serene, modern French restaurant in Palo Alto beckons to jaded foodies

(This review was published in South Bay Accent in April 2011.)

Although we’re blessed to live in one of the world’s great food regions, it’s also easy to get jaded here.  The menus from the Bay Area’s many high-end restaurants seem to blur together after awhile, with one exquisite dish made from fresh, local ingredients seeming much like the next one — albeit all of them delicious. And then there’s Baumé. Continue reading

Fast Food for the New Millennium

Calafia Cafe on Urbanspoon

Calafia Cafe in Palo Alto proves that “fresh” and “fast” aren’t mutually exclusive

(This review appeared in South Bay Accent in November, 2010)

Google is best known for its prowess in Internet search and other online technologies but the Mountain View advertising giant spawned another innovation that gets less attention. Nothing less than redefining fast food in the new millennium.  You can taste the evidence any day of the week at Palo Alto’s Calafia Cafe: in a toothy, mouth-pleasing barley corn salad, fabulous thin-crust pizza or chile/garlic-glazed hanger steak.  Rather than relying on grease, empty carbs and the freezer, Calafia’s fast food is “slow food served fast,” as defined by owner/chef Charlie Ayers.  This means health-conscious, sustainably sourced ingredients turned into dishes that can usually arrive at your table reasonably quickly. Continue reading

Mayfield Cafe: Tasty Meals for the Rest of Us

Mayfield Bakery and Cafe on Urbanspoon


This casual bistro/bakery aims to serve all Palo Altans

(This review appeared in South Bay Accent in September of 2009)

Imagine t.v.’s “Cheers” bar turned into a casual neighborhood eatery with quietly ambitious cuisine and you’ll approximate Mayfield Bakery and Cafe in Palo Alto’s refurbed Town & Country Village kitty-corner from Stanford Stadium. Trade the lovable drunks for designer-jeans-clad soccer moms and kids, dating couples, smiling retirees and VCs gobbling up business meals, but the concept still carries: a friendly, low-key establishment where everybody might not know your name but all are welcome.  The response has been very positive, even in the midst of the troubled economy. Continue reading