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Felton Road Winery, the Kiwi Star

Many critics and wine buffs compare the pinot noirs of Felton Road to the best of Burgundy.

To those of us who love pinot noir — that elegant, complex, fully satisfying red wine that is so great with food — the biggest tragedy is that the most famous producer of such wine, France’s Burgundy region, now prices its products well out of reach for many. Continue reading


All About the Sonoma Coast and its Great Wines

(an earlier version of this article was published by the SF Chronicle)

The Sonoma Coast is the coolest wine region in the full sense of the word. It has colder temperatures and higher rainfall than virtually any other important grape source in California. And its terroir-driven wines have developed a coveted cachet, capable of delivering power and elegance while still complementing food. Wines from this remote region’s grapes have gone from virtually unknown to sought after in less than a decade. This is the story of how one of the world’s best wine regions evolved, the winemakers committed to it and the forces that have stood – and still stand – in the way of its greatness. Continue reading