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A Very Local Wine Country

Urban wineries are a major trend in several areas, including a growing number in the South Bay.

(Published by South Bay Accent magazine in June, 2018.)

The concept of a “winery” has definitely evolved in recent years and need not include bucolic vistas of vast vineyards or even a single grapevine swaying in the breeze. San Francisco, in particular, has around two dozen operations where winemakers do their fermentation thing in warehouses and other roomy buildings smack dab in high-density environments, with other so-called “urban wineries” scattered around Oakland, Berkeley and Alameda. This trend is also thriving elsewhere, such as in Portland, Seattle — even in landlocked Denver — and has come to the South Bay, too. Continue reading


Non-Car Approaches to Urban Wine Tasting

sculptureWine tasters can access the wineries on San Francisco’s Treasure Island (this photo was shot at a cool park on its west side) via boat or bus in addition to by car.  Beyond that,  cyclists can take tasting tours of the urban wineries popping up elsewhere in San Francisco and the East Bay.

(Published by the San Jose Mercury News and its affiliates on January 19, 2014. To see the newspaper’s whole urban winery section, click here.)

You quickly forget about the wind blasting like a building-sized fan set on high after stepping into the salon of the comfy old Neptune cruiser docked at Pier 39 and immediately receiving a glass of locally made sparkling wine and a smile.

You’re on your way over to Treasure Island for a day of winery visits but during this part of the leisurely outing, you’re seeing spectacular bay views and sleek seals through the windows as you munch on cheese and fruit while quaffing some merlot.

Pleasantly ensconced in the boat’s heated cabin with 18 other happy citizens, you vow never to drive to a wine tasting again. Continue reading