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(Recipe) Beet-Cured Salmon; Gorgeous, Easy and Tasty

beet-cured salmon on blini

Gravlax is a beloved staple in Scandinavia and in Jewish households that wouldn’t serve anything else but lox with their bagels and cream cheese. This simple fish curing technique is based on the idea of preserving salmon with a combination of salt and sugar. It’s super easy and only requires a little foresight because curing takes a couple of days. Continue reading


Zola Reminding Diners Why They Love French Food

ZolaZola is the new hot table in downtown Palo Alto.

Zola on Urbanspoon

(Published by South Bay Accent magazine in April, 2015.)

One of the many delights of living in Paris is the sprinkling of little local bistros where folks from the ‘hood gather for spirited talk, plentiful sips of wine and affordable, sustaining food, nothing precious. Downtown Palo Alto once had such a spot, L’Amie Donia, that was beloved and always packed. A decade after this restaurant’s perfect pommes frites and pan-roasted cod made their last appearance, a new French bistro has captured the fancy of Palo Altans seeking that comforting Gallic experience, opening last September on the very same block. Zola, named after the 19th century French writer, quickly attracted a happy crowd and zoomed to the top on social media rankings. Continue reading